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  Donny Ray Evins               sings
     Nat King Cole

 Internationally celebrated Two-Time Las Vegas Variety Entertainer of the Year 

Donny Ray Evins mesmerizes audiences worldwide. Donny’s bass-baritone voice
           and cool stage persona ooze 
the very essence of Nat King Cole.





 Mona Lisa - Route 66 -Straighten up Fly Right - Unforgettable - Love

"Sophisticated" "Brilliant" "Fascinating"

New York Times

Donny Ray Evins 

    A High Energy Soulful Concert   



   Headline artist Donny Ray Evins performs the world's greatest Soul and R&B hits from artists such as:


     Ray Charles,  James Brown,  Barry White,  Brook Benton,  Wilson Picket, and  B.B. King



     Donny’s soulful singing style, engaging stage presence, and bass-baritone voice embrace the audience with heartfelt ballads and sizzling Soul and R&B classics.


A Headline artist for Casinos, Night Clubs, Special Events, Television, Corporate Events, and five

         Star International Cruise Lines worldwide.




Donny Ray Evins is Unchained in this incredible show


 Donny's unique two-sided show. enjoy 50 mins. of Nat

Cole followed by 50 mins. of classic Soul and R&B  hits.

"Donny's Nat King Cole impression is first rate, and his soul show blew the audience away. Donny drew from the crowd not one but two standing ovations"


Jack Chambers 

Cruise Director : Holland American Line

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